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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Inspired to Paint: Liz Ruvalcaba transforms community through art

SALINAS—It was in the fields when she was cutting the bad weeds from the strawberries and listening to the hard stories of women farmworkers that Liz Ruvalcaba experienced a sorrow that only painting seemed to … Continue reading

February 24, 2016 · Leave a comment

The Value of New Measures: Riane Eisler creates new social and economic paradigms

CARMEL— Rather than battle prevailing social and economic structures, Riane Eisler prefers to introduce altogether new ones. The world needs new social paradigms, she says. Eisler promotes a vision of gender equality, nonviolent interpersonal relations and … Continue reading

February 23, 2016 · Leave a comment

By Pen and By Brush: Belle Yang rescues family stories

CARMEL—For a country that talks much of family and family values, the stories that connect us with our ancestry too often go untold, says Belle Yang, who has tussled for … Continue reading

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Monterey County Women—a quarterly of the Monterey Herald

The Monterey Herald publishes Monterey County Women quarterly.

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