Monterey County Women

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In this premiere issue of Monterey County Women, we are excited to share with you the stories of some of the local leaders who are shaping our unique community.

These profiles offer glimpses into the lives of women have had an impact on issues that affect us all—economic development, education, immigration, philanthropy and art. They reflect here on the interconnected issues of the region.

Among the stories we have included are Mary Ann Leffel’s work toward a more skilled workforce and a stronger regional economy, Paulette Lynch’s illuminating window of art, Sylvia Panetta’s promotion of democracy through public service and education and Blanca Zarazúa’s family experience of immigration.

Many of these women have spent countless hours encouraging others to think beyond what has always been done to synthesize a new vision. They’ve imbued their leadership with a collaborative and creative spirit that will have an impact on Monterey County for many years to come.

Let us know who inspires you. We look forward to sharing the stories of other community leaders in the upcoming quarterly issues of Monterey County Women.


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