Santa Cruz tech company founder forecasts revolution in health sciences

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Jawbone UP powered by MotionX technology
Jawbone UP powered by MotionX technology

SANTA CRUZ — Fullpower Technologies, a Santa Cruz company behind the award-winning technology in iPhone and iPad applications that monitors sleep patterns and physical activity and provide GPS locations, services and directions, recently announced new patents that are shaping the next generation of wearable medical devices.

“The next social paradigm-shift is noninvasive wearable wireless medical devices and applications,” said Philippe Kahn, founder and chief executive officer of Fullpower. “… Dick Tracy had a watch that did everything. The key is real inventions with real innovation.”

New medical devices that are noninvasive and wearable, coupled with new medications, will make a bigger impact than the camera phone did, Kahn said on a new YouTube video discussing the latest innovations. The future is personalized dosage and personalized delivery creating a new generation of therapies that will change the way people manage their health.

“I think in 2013 we are going to start to see the beginning of this revolution,” said Kahn, who founded the company with wife, Sonia Lee Kahn, in 2003.

Fullpower which includes MotionX sensor technology has received acclaim for a sleep application which climbed to the top of the iPhone and iPad charts in the medical application category last year and for its GPS Drive by Motion X. Some of the technology is currently in the “UP,” a wearable wristband by Jawbone that measures and tracks activity, sleep and caloric intake and allows users to upload information in a social media forum. MotionX technology is also in Nike+ GPS and the Pioneer AppRadio.

Earlier this month, at the Biotech Showcase, an annual San Francisco investor and partnering conference, Fullpower announced a recent patent that tracks an individual’s proximity to epidemic outbreaks and another that outlines a method and apparatus using mobile sensors to identify activity. Together, they could be used to create a device that collects accurate patient information and outbreak notifications based on historical location data.

The market is rapidly expanding, said Robert Blumberg, attorney and managing director of Soquel Group, a local patent firm.

“The combination of miniaturization of electronic devices and wireless communications enables a whole new class of inventions,” Blumberg said. “People pitch us ideas all the time. We have devices for running and diabetes monitoring that can communicate with wireless computers and with doctors.”

Of the many interesting technologies to cross his desk, however, they are not all good business opportunities, Blumberg recalled a pitch for competitive meditation that would monitor the brain waves of people to see who could project a calmer image “sounds fun but didn’t really go any place in the market.”

“We were at Biotech Showcase to meet with partners,” Kahn said. Kahn, founder of several successful technology companies and inventor of the first camera phone, said the company is partnering with major pharmaceutical companies to create products for diabetes, heart disease and sleep disorders.

Life sciences technology has always been a core focus for Fullpower,

Kahn said in an email interview. Fullpower has about three dozen issued patents and dozens more in process.

“Sensors are everywhere. MotionX leads with Sensor Fusion technology and that is exciting. The 75-person company will be announcing several patents a year, Kahn said. “The combination of these patents allows us to work with pharmaceutical partners on next generation drugs, enabling smart personalized dosage and delivery. It’s a key game-changing opportunity.”


At a glance

Fullpower Technologies Inc.

WHAT: A privately owned technology company focusing on MotionX technology, a mobile sensing suite of technology for a variety of products in the areas of life sciences, gaming, driving, security, imaging and logistics
PARTNERS: Include Apple, Nike, Jawbone, Texas Instruments, Pioneer and JVC.
HEADQUARTERS: 1200 Pacific Ave., Suite 300, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
BACKGROUND: Founded in Santa Cruz in 2003.
LEADERSHIP TEAM: Philippe Kahn, founder and chief executive officer


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