Scotts Valley’s Zero Motorcycles debuts electronic motorcycle with 100-mile range and improved speed

Santa Cruz Sentinel

SCOTTS VALLEY — Zero Motorcycles this week unveiled the first mass-produced electric motorcycle capable of traveling more than 100 miles, breaking down one of the long-standing obstacles to consumer adoption.

The company called it “the largest step anyone has ever taken in production electric motorcycle technology.”

The Zero S, one of the company’s expanded line for 2012, goes faster — up to 88 mph — and farther — 114 miles — than previous bikes which generally traveled about half that distance before requiring recharging. Previous top speeds of Zero bikes were generally legal highway speeds.

A new battery cell technology is designed to last the life of the motorcycle, allowing a rider to travel more than 308,000 miles. A revised frame, new rotor design and a larger front brake master cylinder improve handling and stopping power. The 2012 Zero S sports a new body built with aircraft grade aluminum, new components, cast wheels and graphics.

The bikes sell for $7,695 to $13,995 for all the extras and are expected to be available in February.


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