California Strawberry Commission updates iPhone app

Santa Cruz Sentinel

WATSONVILLE — Hoping to keep strawberries on the minds of holiday grocery shoppers, the California Strawberry Commission has expanded its free iPhone application to include 100 recipes from various food bloggers, nutrition information for the family and a kids-friendly section that boasts recipes such as sky high strawberry banana peanut butter and jelly and chocolate hazelnut and strawberry pizza.

“Our target audience is moms who do shopping for the family,” said Jodi Reinman, a spokeswoman for the commission. “The idea was to just make it easy to access the ingredients so they could pull up recipes while they’re in the store.”

The commission introduced its first application for the iPhone and iPod Touch in January with about 50 recipes. The updated version has a section aimed at children and another focusing on general nutrition, which was created in partnership with 10 dietitians.

“We just want to make it easier,” Reinman said. “People run out of ideas of how to serve nutritious fruits and vegetables.”

Other available recipes pulled from food blogs include strawberry barbecued pulled pork, pistachio crusted chicken with strawberry salsa and lots of salads and fish menus.

The commission promises an identical android version of the application in the next few weeks.

The strawberries app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available as a free download at Apple iTunes or at:

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