Seagate ships high performance ‘green’ hard drive

SCOTTS VALLEY – Joining a growing market of eco-friendly tech products, Seagate Technology announced this week that its latest high performance disk drive, the 3.5 inch Barracuda Green, is both fast and eco-friendly.

The desktop drive for low-power personal computers, multi-drive home networking systems and external PC storage needs less power and is made of 70 percent recyclable materials. The Barracuda Green also uses low halogen components to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Other companies such as Samsung, D-Link and Micronet have introduced drives engineered to protect the environment in similar ways.

The green drive also offers SmartAlign technology which can help users make a transition to new formatting systems, said Dave Mosley, Seagate executive vice president of sales, marketing and product Line management.

“This is important because the industry is transitioning to 4K sector formatting called ‘advanced format’ to improve capacities and maintain strong error correction. SmartAlign technology removes these concerns and makes this transition virtually invisible for our customers.”

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