Chancellor’s Two-Year Grant Extends Nursing Program Expansion

College of Marin

Funding Supports Nursing Simulation Center, Student Advisor and Faculty Mentorship

Kentfield, CA—August 5, 2010—In these tough economic times, this new grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office will allow College of Marin to continue its expanded nursing education program for another two years.

“We are thrilled,” said COM Superintendent/President Al J. Harrison II. “These funds will provide much needed support for our nursing program.

The goal of the Chancellor’s Enrollment Growth and Retention for Registered Nursing Program funding, which supports 10 more nursing slots in the College of Marin program, is to produce more highly qualified registered nurses to stave off a projected nursing shortage and to retain current nursing students. As a result, College of Marin has admitted 46 students into the program instead of just 36. This year, 214 students applied to the program.

The Chancellor’s office has been focusing on the projected nursing shortage throughout the state for more than five years. This year, 61 other community colleges in the state received similar funding for their nursing programs. The grants for College of Marin are $146,687 each year.
“This grant will continue to fund the simulation coordinator position which is vital to providing simulation learning for our students,” Hartman said.

The Simulation Learning Center provides high fidelity mannequins as part of a life-like virtual patient setting that gives students hands-on training and experience with clinical decision making.

Another component of the program is to provide additional support to students struggling with the high academic demands of the program. The attrition rate for the last five years has averaged 12.66 percent but has steadily improved in recent years, thanks to better applicant screening and stronger support services for high risk students. In 2009, the program lost just one student, in 2010, three students dropped out of the program.

“Support services for students are a big contributor to their success,” Director of Health Sciences, Roz Hartman said.

College of Marin’s nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, a voluntary, and rigorous agency assuring high quality nursing education.

In recent years, similar grant funds have been used to hire part-time instructors for open skills labs to allow more students to practice technical skills and improve clinical judgments. A new coordinator for Simulation Education was also hired, an office assistant helped with additional clerical work and a technical support person assisted in the simulation lab.

For more information about the College of Marin Nursing Program, please visit our site.


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