COM Promises Magical Summer with New “Magic as a Lifestyle” CES Course

College of Marin

The Amazing Caine and Guest Lecturers Will Help Students Learn a New Way to Practice Magic

Kentfield, CA— May 5, 2010 — Students are invited to learn about the world of magic in a new summer College of Marin Community Education & Services course “Magic As A Lifestyle – An Introduction To Magic And Illusion” taught by master magician and illusionist The Amazing Caine.

The course, intended for both the casual and curious observer of magic and illusion, will cover more than traditional tricks of illusion and misdirection, says Caine Hörr who has been making a living on the magic circuit for seven years. Students will be exposed to several styles of magic and hear from guest lecturers and vendors. They will learn how to create a magical atmosphere, and even how to work toward magic as a career, Hörr says.

“The biggest question I get is where do I learn to do this?” Hörr says. “That’s the probably one of the most closely guarded secrets.” Tricks are easy to find and theory can be taught, but students in this course will actually learn how to get out there and perform. “I’m hoping it can be something fun and even viably fruitful.”

In addition to performing as a magician, Hörr works part-time as a network and systems administration consultant. He has carved out several magical niches, including the Gospel Magician because he entertains while teaching biblical stories for church groups and volunteers at fundraisers, community charities and homeless shelters. He also produces educational magic shows that depict scientific principles with magic. His environmental awareness show uses only recyclable products.

It is a consuming profession because a magician is always seeing opportunities to perform, Hörr says. “You could spend your entire life devoted to study. You will never perfect it. People incorporate it into every aspect of their lives. People can appreciate it not only for how things are done but because they realize the joy they can bring to others.” If students express enough interest, an advanced advance magic course may soon be on the schedule.

The class is just one of the unique, new community classes introduced this year as part of an effort to rejuvenate the CES curriculum. Others include Surfing 101, Import Export Now!, Marketing: Even for People Who Hate to Sell, Build a Quick and Easy Website with Go Daddy Web Tools, How to Buy and Sell on eBay, and Creative Seasonal Cooking: The Abundance of Summer, taught by Tom Hudgens a former chef at Deep Springs Ranch, Chez Panisse and Liberty Café in San Francisco. Hudgens recently published The Commonsense Kitchen: 600 Recipes Plus Lessons for a Hand-Crafted Life.

“We’re revitalizing the program with really exciting unusual opportunities because Marin County is so incredibly rich with talent,” says Janice Austin, interim director of Community Education, Lifelong Learning and International Education.

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